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leslie and donnie
As another member of that Madrone Elementary class it's with stunned awe that one of the best was one of the first of us to go on. Donny was one of those you expected to always be there, at least in...
Last Post: Aug 4th 2006
Author: kentzim
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Some smiles remain the same
Leslie and Don -

Both of you had ready smiles, hearts of gold and an enthusiasm for life that was infectious. Thank you for sharing your warmth and laughter. You will be deeply...
Last Post: Aug 4th 2006
Author: dholbach
# of posts: 1
From cub scouts to graduation
Don was always a good friend. It's hard to write about what it was like back then. It is a shame that most of us from that group lost contact. Don ... you will be remembered for a long time to come.
Last Post: Aug 4th 2006
Author: csmithsr90
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big game night
liane rose reminded me about the big game night when we were toodling around in my mother's brand new convertable. there must have been 6 flag girls hanging out the back. at some point, i hit a...
Last Post: Jul 8th 2006
Author: lesliepixton
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