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web page nerds
why did we do the web site this way (history, options), what can we do with this content management system (HTML codes, "themes", CSS, JavaScript, custom graphics) - ideas

well blah, blah, blah and ten years went by - then we started talking again last week about the next reunion, 2.5 months away, with ability to buy tickets, message boards, photo albums...

tempting as it was to write the whole thing ourselves in PHP and mySQL, a look around the web narrowed the choices for off the shelf solutions to or - here are the two principal advantages I saw to

  • "Send This Person a Message" links make it possible to contact another classmate without email addresses being revealed on the site.
  • I find their pages to be visually more appealing.

A global CSS stylesheet allows us to customize it further, including our own graphic banner at the top - the modest effort so far:

Here is the PSD file (Photoshop) with two versions of the banner graphic

Profile picture David John Schweitz Re: web page nerds
Hey Joe~

Good to see your post on here,looking forwards to catching up on the years. Drop me an email sometime, or you can find me at our website :-)

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