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Holy Cow Batman!!! What shall I wear?
It has come to this mods attention that in the last few days there have been some questions brought up over the "preferred attire" at our 35 year bash. Well if its a decision that you need direction with, sorry, any "dress code" went out the window along with Richard Nixon.

I for one, had considered wearing the old army jacket and navy blue bell bottoms from my days down at the bridge, however that fashion has yet to re-emerge in my current size. :-P
I know of 2 ladies who will be wearing dresses in the color of "Red and Grey", and I will bet you a brewskie at least 2 hip old codgers show up in Hawaiian print shirts, walking shorts and "Birkies".
I think a safe rule of thumb around this is............What makes you feel comfortable? Come as you Are,Were, or Ever Wanted to Be, BUT Just COME!!! If Diamonds and Silk make you smile and have a good time, then "Just Do It!" This guy is looking around now for an old paisley print shirt to wear with his jeans. My GF always dresses up nice (guess its a "right" coast thing :-) ) A select group of you ladies (and YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE ) or men for that matter, could try and find mini-skirts or hot pants !(remember 4" above knee limit has been thrown out)
The reunion committee will be discussing this on Tuesday ( 8-29 ) evening. It was brought up 2 weeks ago, and some "lively" and "loving" discussion was had by all, we ran out of time (and ideas) and carried it over this meeting.
If anyone of you has an idea, then please post it or email us with it. We will post all suggestions and ideas somewhere on the web in a few days, most likely the front page....HaHaHa......but again, wear what you want to wear and feel good in kids, Lets just ALL have some LONG overdue Fun eh? Image

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